Monthly giving

Join the Vets365 Monthly Giving Program.  A convenient way to support Vets365!


Your monthly gift, given automatically through your credit, debit card or through your bank account will allow us to have the funds to serve clients every day, twelve months of the year.

And it provides you with an opportunity to support Vets365 in a way that is easy on your budget! 


Once you join the Vets365 Monthly Giving Program:

  • You will receive a thank you letter from the President

  • You will receive a complete statement for tax purposes every January

  • You will help our mission:  We are restoring balance to the lives of veterans in need, and we are improving the community by facilitating veteran/civilian unity.

You can change your monthly donation amount anytime.  Simply call Sheila Cornett Cohen at 951-491-4121 or send an email to


Here are a few examples of how your monthly gift changes lives:


1) $10 a month can help pay a portion of a utility bill.

2) $25 a month can help pay for veteran business license

3) $50 a month can help pay for gas to drive a veteran to an appointment

4) $100 a month can help pay for memberships at gyms


Image by Kat Yukawa